Chicken and Fallout

Hello once again all you beautiful people! I have to say, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a long time. I blame a mixture of procrastination, writing block, and moderate busy-ness for my hiatus. Due to this busy-ness, I sometimes realize that I have no desire whatsoever to cook. This is the point where many people would decide upon take out. My bank account generally frowns upon those sorts of things so I go with the next best option… I give to you the humble baked chicken:



These things are a lazy person’s dream! As well they should be, I believe. Since it is in the $7-$10 range it’s affordable, it feeds all 5 people in my family comfortably, it’s not bad for you health-wise (if you go without skin), and you can make other things from it!

Since I can’t quite write a whole blog post on something I had no hand in making, let’s talk sides!

For this dinner, I decided to go with my creamy bacon green beans (still pretty healthy and good for keto) and loaded mashed potatoes (uhhh… not so healthy). Let’s start with the green beans:


This is one of my simplest recipes for turning green beans from a mildly bland-ish dish to something with more taste as well as more filling. Here is the recipe:

Creamy Bacon Green Beans

2 Cans of Green Beans (any brand is fine, drain 1 can and reserve about 1/2 the liquid from the other)

1 Can of Cream of Mushroom Soup

1/2 – 1 Cup of Bacon Bits

Salt and Pepper to taste

The preparation cant be much simpler and I don’t know enough adjectives to make it sound more glamorous, so: Dump all ingredients in a pan.


Bring it to a medium-low heat for about 15 mins to infuse flavor and reduce the liquid, stirring occasionally. You may be asking: “Can I cook it on a higher heat for less time?” You absolutely can! I’m not the boss of you (I think I’m barely even the boss of my kids). Just keep in mind that you will have to stir it more frequently to avoid scorching.


The finished product may not look like the most chefly-inspired thing in the world, but it is super tasty. My oldest and I are the only two that like mushrooms and even the other 3 oddballs love green beans this way (and the actual chunks of mushroom are so small you barely even notice them.

On to the potatoes!

Loaded Mashed Potatoes

6-7 Medium Potatoes

2 Stalks of Green Onions

1/2 Cup (1 stick) of Butter

1 Cup of Sour Cream

1 Cup of Bacon Bits

2 tsp Salt

1 tsp Garlic Powder

1 tsp Pepper


Peel potatoes and cut them into smaller wedges (sixths worked well for me). Put them in a pot of hot water with just enough to fully cover the potatoes. At this point, you can season the water if you choose. I think that it adds a little more flavor, so I always add some salt and garlic powder. Place on medium heat and boil for about 15 minutes or until you can easily cut the potato with a fork and then strain.  I like to add the butter to the pot and get it nice and melted before putting the potatoes back in. Mash, add the rest of the ingredients and mix.

The final product by my preparation is a bit on the salty side, which my family loves. I, myself, blame a lot of Mexican food when I was young and the probably irreversible effect that MREs have had on my taste buds. If salt is a consideration, take it down to 1 tsp and then let others salt as needed.


A couple last notes: 1; yes, I use paper plates when I eat almost anything that doesn’t involve cutting. I hate doing dishes. 2; When you are done breaking down the chicken, you can take the bones, put them on a roasting pan, bake for a little bit on high heat, then boil on med for about 30-45 minutes, and then strain to make your own chicken broth. If you choose to do so, it can be flavored your way and can save you even more money. Be careful though, since it doesn’t have the preservatives that normal chicken broth/stock has, it will not keep for anywhere as long.

On to the games!


Oh Fallout… I love you.

I ABSOLUTELY do. I have been a major fan of the Fallout series since the beginning. I have played every incarnation (Yes, including Tactics and the “Game That Shall not be Named”).


All have had their good points and bad points (except maybe New Vegas… I couldn’t find much wrong with that one). I even have a power armor vinyl doll on my desk.

I went back to playing Fallout 3 after reading a good fanfiction concerning the Lone Wanderer called Modus Operandi by commandocucumber. I am usually not one to read fanfiction, but in the case of Fallout, I made an exception. The fanfic actually takes place after the events in the game and takes into account how ridiculously overpowered you are by the end of it. There are two sequels if it catches your attention.

After reading, I realized that I didn’t do anywhere near as much stuff as I could have when I played (and may not have even finished the game). I also decided to mod it on up with some graphical mods and a few that changed weapons, lighting, companions, etc…. The mod list I use is here:


I am finding a great amount of nostalgia playing through and have mostly just gotten through the beginning (which I forgot takes forever), and have been trying to get used to the controls again (FO4 did have a better feeling control scheme). One of the cooler mods that I added that gives it great atmosphere is the GNR Enhanced mod. The main idea behind this one was to add a bunch of period appropriate songs to the lineup as well as make Three Dog more accurate when describing your antics.

I will continue to play and keep updating with my take on how it’s going. As always, like and comment about anything that you’d like to see on this site and I’ll have my people see what they can do. 😉




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