X-COM 2 First Impression

Hello again my peeps! I haven’t updated in a while, life has gotten pretty busy. I wanted to make a post about my first impression of X-COM 2.


A little background: I LOVE XCOM! I have played a bunch of them including the first X-COM, Terror From the Deep(which probably started my fear of big sketchy ocean beasts), Interceptor, and Enemy Unknown. The turn-based style of the game mixed with the real-time strategy elements such as building facilities, researching new things, and manufacturing of weapons, armor, ship components, etc… are ridiculously addicting.

The old games had a difficulty curve that went from “Ok, I got this.” to “HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO STOP 8 ALIENS AT ONCE, I ONLY HAVE 2 SHIPS!?!?” Towards the later part of the game, it almost seems as though the creators made the game as an experiment on how much torture a gamer will endure before rage quitting. The game made me so mad when I was younger. But, here’s the thing: I loved every moment of it. It was almost Nintendo hard.

Battletoads (If you know this game, you know what I mean.)

X-COM Interceptor was probably one of the odder ones and only felt mildly related to the originals (kind of like Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel). You basically flew around and blew up or disabled the UFO’s that you encounter in the game. It was basically like playing X-COM from the pilot’s perspective and I remember it as being insanely fun, if a bit disorienting at times. Taking some Dramamine beforehand might be advisable.

I did try one of the newer iterations of the game (Enemy Unknown) and found it really fun. It added a lot of things and reworked the game, but it still had a bit of the “feel” of the old. This made me very optimistic of X-COM 2.

Before starting, I did something I have never done before. I modded it before playing it. Before you call blasphemy, let me have the shovel so that I can dig myself out of the hole I might be in.

I decided to look for mods that would enhance the gameplay experience. When I started installing mods for Skyrim and Fallout 4 after playing for a while, I thought to myself “Some of these would have been way better at the start of the game.”. I don’t go too crazy with mods usually. I like the experience that the main game gives, but graphical and enhanced world building mods can sometimes help that experience. Some mods even add elements to the game that would make more sense and helps to correct certain issues. With that in mind, I downloaded the following mods: Evac All, Long War 2, Long War Perk Pack, and More Nations and Names (all of which are available at Nexus Mods). A quick look at the mods will show that it shouldn’t radically change the main game, and to be honest, I haven’t gotten far enough to really encounter much of these.

Miss Chance

I love the turn-based combat and the ability to hack objects, ambush enemies, blow up certain objects, etc… I usually set it up so that all of my team is on overwatch except one person who takes a shot and starts the combat. This leads to the enemy running to get under cover, usually triggering overwatch (picture it sort of as “held turn” causing the character to shoot at the first enemy to cross their line-of-sight). I then hold my breath and pray to anything benevolent that the living things cease that current condition. My first mission lead to three promotions (which you get from kills), including one sniper. I LOVE SNIPERS! The idea of sitting, being patient, and then hitting enemies with one well-place shot is my favorite! Unfortunately, the sniper and one other person got pretty injured during the mission and have to recover for close to a month! Who knew that blasts from laser rifles would hurt so bad?

The three subsequent missions went pretty well. I got a flawless rating on the second (no one hurt), and really good ratings on the other two (minor injuries thanks to a healer-type operative). The base though, has an interesting concept.


The base for X-COM 2 kinda reminds me of playing Fallout Shelter. Spaces need to be excavated so that they can be used, you have to keep an eye on how much power certain spaces use up, etc… I don’t mind that much and look forward to the other types of improvements you can make to it.

Like I said, I haven’t played a whole lot into it thus far, and really look forward  to delving into it further if I can pull myself away from Heroes of the Storm long enough. I like to keep my posts pretty short and easily readable, so I’ll leave you with that for now. I highly recommend the game and would love feedback on tips, mods, etc…

Listening to: “Boneyard” by The Dreadnoughts

Reading: “Servant of the Shard” by R. A. Salvatore


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