Weekend Gaming

Hello all and welcome again to my little corner of the internet. This weekend I did a few things different. Lately, I have been playing a lot of Skyrim but I felt that I needed a change of pace. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game and will continue the crazy, bass-akwards romp through Tamriel not too long from now, but you have to mix it up every once in a while ya know?


The wife and I played Heroes of the Storm, as per the usual. The goal was to knock out our dailies and do the brawl. If you didn’t know, Heroes gives you daily tasks such as: Play 2 games as a Diablo/Warcraft/StarCraft character, Win 3 games, Play 8 games, etc… I decided to take a different route this time. I would usually play as Jaina or Valla, but seeing as I’m level 10+ with those two and getting higher is a painful grind, I wanted to play someone new and decided to go with Xul.


Art by Holyknight3000 (Aaron Williams)

Overall, Xul was a fun character to play. His abilities don’t take too  long to figure out and he can siege very well. Sylvanas and Sgt Hammer are a bit better at it, but his ability to clear minions beats theirs, I think. I don’t think that I played him to his full potential though at times. His Bone Prison ability took a bit to get used to since there is a 2 second delay. I found myself casting it way too late and the enemy hero would be back behind the safety of his wall. This made it impossible to take advantage of the ability. When I did pull it off correctly, it really helped to secure the kill since, in Heroes time, 1.75 seconds is a long amount of time to be stuck in one place (I am convinced that some time paradox happens and slows down time while playing this game). The wife played as Nova and got really good at delivering the final blow when an enemy Hero got stuck by it (which stole my ability to rack up some killing blows, but I guess I can forgive her. I did it to her all the time with Abathur).

The other ability I had problems with is his Bone Armor. This ability is really handy and very easy to use. The problem I had with it is that it is mapped to the “1” key. I have the most horrible time trying to hit that damn key and instead accidently trigger other abilities and feel like I am just randomly bashing the upper-left part of my keyboard. I should probably just map that to one of my mouse buttons and everything would be fixed.

That said, he really is fun to play and works really well as a split-lane pusher. His hero damage may not be the best, but he is good at securing a hero either for the kill, or making sure high-damage dealers are kept out of the fight for a couple seconds so you can control the rest of the fight better, or get the hell away.

After finishing our quests, we proceeded to do this week’s Brawl entitled: Hammer Time! Some of the names for the Brawls are so cheesy. Yet, I think that is one of the things that I like about HotS, they don’t take themselves too seriously. They could easily have had a serious game full of intense-themed skins, vicious or awesome-looking mounts, and dark, broody music. While they do have skins and mounts for just that type of thing, you can also dress Nova up as a roller-derby girl and have her ride into battle on a sparkly chariot that trails a rainbow behind her while the Lost Vikings are right beside you in footy-pajamas.

hots pajama party lost vikings

The Brawl took place in Towers of Doom and featured everyone playing Sgt Hammer. I have a lot of experience playing her, but the wife didn’t. I informed her of the talents to pick for a good build and we proceeded to blow things up (Hammer’s specialty). It was a crazy back and forth for most of the game and all of them ended really close, but we only won 1 out of the 3.

I then proceeded to get lost in a good-old RTS game for a while: Civilization V.


I love the Civilization series (as well as Alpha Centauri). I have played almost all of them. I know many people who aren’t really fans of the series. I can understand why. The mechanics are a bit daunting and learning all the ins and outs of units, production, research, building, settling, diplomacy, etc… almost takes savant-level memory to remember. Even so, I love the aspect of exploring a different world and making history incredibly interesting (why have the French won so many wars? Why are the great pyramids in America? Why is Ghandi such an A-hole?).

I decided to start as the Japanese because I like the idea of having just as much fighting power even though you’re almost dead. I have 3 cities so far, and the Greeks are pissed off at me for reasons I don’t understand, but I say bring it on homie! Maybe I’ll just stock up some troops and come knocking.

That was about it for the weekend. Tonight I’m making pork chops with a pan sauce. If it comes out good, I’ll post an update with the recipe I used.

Listening to: Coheed and Cambria: Feathers

Playing: Fire Emblem Heroes

Watching: Avatar The Last Airbender


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