This Last Week in Review

Hello once again you beautiful people! I had originally decided to put off writing this post until I could figure out a way to use my current model for this blog post. It usually consists of: Stress about what to write-> Outline a rough idea-> Compile pics for the post (usually sent from my phone, to my email, and then copied from there. I don’t trust the mobile app.) -> Find relevant links-> Criticize, criticize, and criticize some more-> Say ‘screw it’ and hit the “Publish” button with my hand over my eyes. This time I am doing what I believe the Wright brothers did their first time and ‘wing it’.

The reason for the lag is that I attended an SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) event called the Potrero War. Potrero

If you clicked the links then you can see that it is an interesting even to say the least. Overall I had fun. Lots of drinks, socializing, and generally just running amok and pretending to be far younger than I actually am (who am I kidding, I do that constantly). I learned a few things while there: Drinks capped at 20% alcohol volume can still really mess you up, this time period had very few qualms with walking around shirtless (went for men and women apparently), my air mattress lets out more wind than people at a Taco Bell buffet, and the medieval ages probably smelled like a lot of sweat (this was due to the sewage lines breaking our second day in, right before all the fighters got back from the battlefield). The other great part was that it was just me and the wife while my mother in-law watched the kids. Before this, we hadn’t had time without kids since Deadpool was still in theaters, and that was for 4 hours one night!

Once home, the wife and I decompressed by playing some Heroes of the Storm. I really enjoy this game and have for the 2 years that it has been out. If you haven’t played it, I tell people that it is a bit like League of Legends light and with a less salty gaming community. I have played almost every Blizzard product that has come out (with the exception of Overwatch so far because I’m cheap), so the characters are mostly recognizable for me and lend a bit of nostalgia. We played a couple VS AI games and did the Mage Wars Brawl.

Mage Wars

My first game, I sucked it up HARDCORE as Jaina and then came back as Chromie the second game with a strong showing. Chromie has been one of my favorites for a long time mostly because I can pretty accurately predict which way a character is going to go. If you haven’t tried it out, I would give it a chance since it’s completely free, the new 2.0 launch has brought some fun game mechanics, and the matches are relatively short (7.5 mins for my shortest and roughly around 25 mins for my longest).

I spent most of my day yesterday playing Skyrim.


I love this game and will probably never stop playing it. I play it on PC, so the wealth of mods available are mindblowing! I mainly stick to mods that give some interface upgrades, new missions, and new weapons/armor that look like they belong in the game. I am a purist in a way (as cool as they are, I can’t bring myself to add lightsabers or Macho Man’s head to dragons). I spent a little bit of time finishing up Clockwork Castle and then (minor spoiler alert) transferring my ridiculous amount of stuff from my previous home to this new one.


For being one of those quests where you get “locked in” until you finish it (which I generally hate), this one was enjoyable, had decent voice work, and good storyline that cleans up nicely. I highly recommend it. Lastly, I finally beat the wife at Blades of Brim again!! Manhood reclaimed!! If you have no idea what I mean, click here for my previous post on this game. That about sums up another week in my odd life. My further Skyrim posts will probably go more in-deph on my character and the adventures that she undertakes if I decide to go that route.


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